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Dear Mr. Obama

Got this in my inbox.  Powerful statement from an Iraq war veteran as to why he is voting for McCain.  Pretty much speaks for itself:

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DNC Convention Highlight – Belated

A few days old, but comedy gold from ABC News’ Terry Moran, subsequent to Senator Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC convention:

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GOP Convention Highlights, Day 2

Honorable mention for highlight of the night: Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich smacks down a DNC TV reporter’s dissing of VP Candidate, Governor Palin.  When challenged by the former speaker to name an Obama accomplishment, the reporter tossed the report back to the hosts.  One has to wonder, was Keith Olberman’s mike cut while Newt Gingrich was talking?

 Along the won’t-go-away inexperience meme, here’s a trip down memory lane with local Austin resident, former mayor and Obama supporter, Kirk Watson being pressed to name a single Obama accomplishment (surprisingly by Chris Matthews before he was completely in the tank for Obama):

President Bush made some brief comments, remotely via video link from the Oval Office.  But the highlight of the evening was Senator Fred Thompson’s speech on Governor “Breath of Fresh Air” Palin and more lenghty treatment of McCain’s character. I’m not a big fan of the neverending applause lines, which eventually die down when he starts getting into Senator McCain’s service experiences.  Moving stuff starting about 8:30:

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Suddenly, Experience Matters

In February, during the height of the Democratic primary, Hillary unleashed her infamous “3AM Ad” questioning Barack Obama’s readiness for the leadership demands of the White House.  The Obama campaign reacted angrily arguing judgement was more important than experience.

Funny how the tables can turn.  There’s a new kid on the playground and suddenly the Obama campaign has decided that experience is a requisite quality for a presidential ticket, but apparently only for the second in line:

Barack Obama’s campaign is blasting John McCain for putting “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

Never mind the top of the Democratic ticket not only has “zero foreign policy experience” but also zero executive experience, unlike Governor Palin.

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The Beginning of the End – Finally

Labor Day is said to be the ‘beginning’ of the race in a presidential election cycle.  The current presidential race has been going on for so long it is hard to imagine an end.  The Beijing Olympics are now behind us, summer for the most part is over, the primary elections are ancient history, it is the final stretch of a 2+ year campaign with only 68 days left until election day–well, given how many of us vote in the weeks leading up to election day, make that 68 days until the end of the election.

The big news of the weekend is McCain’s selection of little known, mother-of-five, Alaska Governor Palin for VP.  It seems there was a speech or two somewhere in recent days but it just doesn’t seem that important anymore.  Here’s Jackie Broyles’ take on McCain’s pick:

“Obama made a speech?”

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