GOP Convention Highlights, Day 2

Honorable mention for highlight of the night: Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich smacks down a DNC TV reporter’s dissing of VP Candidate, Governor Palin.  When challenged by the former speaker to name an Obama accomplishment, the reporter tossed the report back to the hosts.  One has to wonder, was Keith Olberman’s mike cut while Newt Gingrich was talking?

 Along the won’t-go-away inexperience meme, here’s a trip down memory lane with local Austin resident, former mayor and Obama supporter, Kirk Watson being pressed to name a single Obama accomplishment (surprisingly by Chris Matthews before he was completely in the tank for Obama):

President Bush made some brief comments, remotely via video link from the Oval Office.  But the highlight of the evening was Senator Fred Thompson’s speech on Governor “Breath of Fresh Air” Palin and more lenghty treatment of McCain’s character. I’m not a big fan of the neverending applause lines, which eventually die down when he starts getting into Senator McCain’s service experiences.  Moving stuff starting about 8:30:


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