The Beginning of the End – Finally

Labor Day is said to be the ‘beginning’ of the race in a presidential election cycle.  The current presidential race has been going on for so long it is hard to imagine an end.  The Beijing Olympics are now behind us, summer for the most part is over, the primary elections are ancient history, it is the final stretch of a 2+ year campaign with only 68 days left until election day–well, given how many of us vote in the weeks leading up to election day, make that 68 days until the end of the election.

The big news of the weekend is McCain’s selection of little known, mother-of-five, Alaska Governor Palin for VP.  It seems there was a speech or two somewhere in recent days but it just doesn’t seem that important anymore.  Here’s Jackie Broyles’ take on McCain’s pick:

“Obama made a speech?”


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